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    A peek inside JOY cakes will show you the rich sponge of our dark chocolate cake, made with quality Callebaut chocolate and pure ganache. Luscious lemon curd, yellow from real egg yolks and lemon.

    Along with our regular sized cupcakes, we also offer our range of JOY flavours as mini cupcakes, called "Giggles". They are perfect for kids or if you just want a small bite of something sweet.

    More than 50 years ago, JOY co-founder Michael Diamandis' family immigrated to Australia. When they settled into their new home in the Blackburn suburbs, Michael's father planted a lemon tree.

    JOY Cupcakes began in 2010, an endeavour to create delicious, minimalistic cupcakes using only natural ingredients. We created a beautiful range of cupcakes with unique flavours like Strawberry Shortc

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    It creates higher natural levels of resistance to pests and
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    The ultimate celebration of cakes, cupcakes and condiments using only the finest local and natural ingredients. We delight in providing an experience like no other, presenting beautiful creations marked by finesse, simplicity and a sense of integrity that echoes throughout our brand.

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    Shop E7B Southern Cross Lane, Exhibition St Melbourne CBD


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