The JOY baked cheesecake is a divine addition to our menu that has quickly garnered a reputation among our customers.

    A hybrid of a Basque and New York baked, our JOY cheesecake has a caramelised outer layer and a firm, yet creamy, centre.

    The JOY cheesecake was developed in the first 2020 lockdown. The closure of physical JOY stores and endless lockdown hours to fill saw us developing new products. With a strong love for a good baked cheesecake, ours was born. Our first new home-delivery product, and the first step into our “uncupped” whole cake range.

    It is sold with a small jar of our JOY-made orange, bay leaf and peppercorn syrup. The JOY cheesecake only gets better as the flavoured syrup seeps into the middle of the cake. It gives it a sweet hint of orange and the earthy tones of bay leaf and peppercorn.

    Well balanced, rich and creamy, we’re not at all surprised so many of our customers have exclaimed it is the “best cheesecake I have ever had”.

    Will it be the best cheesecake you’ve ever had? You’ll have to try it to find out!

    You can find the JOY baked cheesecake at our Southern Cross Lane store and South Melbourne Market stall. Or better yet, order it online for home delivery to you.



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